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Let's Talk About Insulin Resistance

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

So what exactly is insulin resistance? Basically, it is when your cells stop paying attention to insulin. What?

Let me explain:

When you consume carbohydrates, your pancreas makes insulin. This insulin carries glucose and brings it to your sells. It says, here you go, here is some glucose.

Your cells need glucose for energy to do their job. so they say, "Super!, Thanks!"

But, when we constantly consume high amounts of carbohydrates in a day, the pancreas is constantly secreting insulin so like a salesman, the insulin tries to sell more glucose to the cells. The cells start becoming agitated and stop answering the door. The insulin has become such a problem for them that they start ignoring it all the time. Because the cells start ignoring the insulin, this causes high blood glucose levels which the body tries to clear by making you pee a lot.

Is insulin resistance something only diabetics have?

NO! Your body starts showing signs of insulin resistance which many doctors fail to connect the dots right away.

Because it has not been detected and you have never been made aware of changes you need to take, these symptoms become stronger and new symptoms show. Because these conditions keep worsening, over time you end up gaining weight, never feel rested, you find you urinate often, next thing you know you start to piddle when you sneeze so now you are purchasing undergarment liners, now your showing signs of high cholesterol, you may have extra fat on the liver which can turn to NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) awful quick, you may start developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This is when things start taking a serious turn and if you continue to not do anything about it, you're headed to type 2 diabetes. And that is not all, it is during these times we are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes and even develop congestive heart failure.

Insulin resistance is serious and needs to be dealt with from the onset. Not sure you have it? Book a consultation and lets figure out what is going on with you! CONSULTATION | VITAL HEALTH REBOOT

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