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As a holistic practitioner, you may find it surprising that I put out a warning on supplements. I feel it is important for people to understand the risk when purchasing supplements without guidance. Some are okay to take daily, where some should only be taken for a short term, and some should never be taken at all.

Any supplement on the market that claims to provide specific health benefits such as weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, sexual enhancement, muscle building, and other benefits such as cardiovascular health has been linked to an increase in the number of emergency visits. These are an example of something that should never be taken at all.

Here is a list of products that includes a small fraction of the dangerous products marketed to consumers online and in retail establishments:

Our online store contains excellent products, and you will notice we stick with a company that has been around longer than any other. Nature's SunshineHaving said that, we still advise you purchase supplements on the advice of your physician or alternative practitioner who is aware of your current health state and knows what medications you are on, as many supplements can interact with your medications or health condition, not to mention, they can make your condition worse.

Our products all contain the risk information on the label. However, if you are not a client of mine, please email any questions before making your supplement purchase. We will send you the risk factor information so you are making an informed decision and can take that information to your medical doctor to see if it is still okay for you to take.

So, let's nutshell:


  • We are not always able to meet our nutrient needs every day, so purchasing supplements to help meet our daily requirements is beneficial to our health.

  • Some nutraceuticals can be used first before pharmaceuticals during the early stages of many chronic conditions. We say these should be tried first, as pharmaceuticals have serious side effects.

  • Supplements can benefit your overall health when taken appropriately.


  • People are taking supplements without guidance, leading to ER visits.

  • Medical doctors don't want to support the choice of their patients to seek nutraceuticals, resulting in them not being open about what they are taking.

  • Medical doctors also do not ask their patients about any supplements they may be taking.

  • Rather than seeking the advice of a professional for symptoms, people opt to try supplements instead, leaving whatever condition to further manifest.


  • Companies are not putting risk factors on labels because they do not want to lose any sales.

  • Supplements are not approved before sale; agencies rely on the companies to ensure the products are properly dosed.

  • Health benefit promoting supplements, as mentioned at the top of this blog, contain experimental stimulants.


  1. Please seek the advice of your physician or alternative practitioner before taking any supplements.

  2. If you have been taking supplements, please inform your doctor by providing a list of what you are taking.

  3. When seeing an alternative practitoner, also provide a list and dose of what pharmaceuticals you are on and a list of supplements you take.

  4. Before purchasing supplements, ask for a copy of the risk factors. If the store cannot provide one, go elsewhere.

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