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Bloody Poop - Should You Panic?

Bright red blood in the toilet or on the tissue can be frightening but does not always mean it is cancer. There are many causes. Some are more serious than others, Let's take a look at the list:

  1. Constipation - bleeding can occur from a tear caused by straining to pass the stools

  2. Childbirth - the uterus puts pressure on the lower belly which causes hemorrhoids ore piles. When these are enlarged, bleeding can occur

  3. Hemorrhoids - as above, swollen and inflamed hemorrhoids can bleed during bowel movements

  4. Fissures - these are small tears that will bleed during bowel movements

  5. Piles - usually caused by straining on the toilet or sitting long periods of time. These can become quite itchy in and around the anus and can be reason for blood when you wipe

  6. STI's - these can cause inflammation in the anus which can bleed when passing stools

  7. Diverticulitis - this is a condition where diverticula (small pockets) form along the large intestine. These can fill with blood that can leave blood on the tissue when you wipe, as well as bright red blood in the toilet.

  8. Polyps - these are small nodules that grow on the lining of the large intestines. They can cause reddish black stools. Polyps can turn into cancer but are mostly benign. They can also be removed during a colonoscopy.

  9. Food Poisoning - food-borne bacteria can cause blood in your stool.

  10. Chron's Disease - this disease causes inflammation of the digestive tract which commonly leads to diarrhea and abdominal pain. The inflammation can lead to blood in the stood.

  11. Irritable Bowel Disease - another illness that causes inflammation in both the small and large intestine. This can lead to blood in the stools because of ulcers that form.

  12. Irritable Bowel Syndrome - this is due to tears caused by fecal impaction because of increased poop in the rectum that places pressure on the lining.

  13. Gastroenteritis - this is a bacteria infection that causes watery stools. This can cause blood in your stools.

  14. Colitis - this creates little ulcers in the bowel that can also be reason for blood when you go number 2.

  15. Prolapse - usually painful. This is when your bowel protrudes through the rectum causing you to bleed during a bowel movement.

  16. Internal Bleeding - dark red blood in the stool is usually a sign of internal bleeding. This can be because of stomach ulcers or gastrointestinal disease and possibly cancer.

  17. Foods - Did you eat beets in the last 24 to 48 hours? Sometimes what you thought was blood may have only been beets passing through or foods with coloured dye.

  18. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - those taking high doses of painkillers like ibrupfen, aspirin and others, can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding which will show up during bowel movements.

  19. Fistulas - this when a pocket develops between the anus and the rectum. This can lead to bloody bowel movements.

  20. Anal Sex - this can lead to a tear that can also cause bleeding.

As you can see, not all blood in the toilet or on your tissue means you have colon cancer. So, relax but do not ignore. Make an appointment with your doctor to figure out why you have blood when you are passing stools even if it is just one time. Anytime there is blood, it needs to be checked out.

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