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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is there a fee for the consultation? 
The consultation fee covers the valuable time and expertise of our practitioner. It includes the thorough review of your extensive worksheet, lab results, and a one-hour meeting dedicated to discussing her findings with you. This allows her to create a personalized wellness plan tailored specifically to your needs. The fee ensures that you receive individualized attention and comprehensive guidance. Ultimately, it is your decision whether to proceed with the recommended plan or not.

Q. How does the wellness plan work ?
A. The wellness plan is designed specifically for your health condition. It is a personalized solution that takes into account your unique needs. Depending on your situation, the plan typically involves 8 to 10 sessions. These sessions are aimed at addressing and improving your specific health concerns.

Q. Am I better after these sessions or do I need to come back?
After completing the sessions, you will experience a noticeable improvement in your health. However, it's important to understand that the healing process continues. While you may feel better, it's crucial to maintain your health and well-being. We recommend a maintenance plan, which could involve seeing us on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly basis, depending on your condition. The practitioner will discuss this with you at the end of your wellness plan, and you can decide whether to follow the maintenance plan or not.

Q. How much time does the sessions take and how often will you review my progress?
A.  A therapy session can range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your needs. We will review your progress after one month and again at the end of your wellness plan, which usually consists of 8-10 sessions. After that, you will be placed on a maintenance plan. We will provide you with recommendations on the ideal frequency for your specific maintenance plan.

Q. Am I able to order supplements or lab tests without speaking to the practitioner?
A.  Yes, you are able to order supplements or lab tests without speaking to the practitioner. However, we strongly advise seeking the advice of your care provider before making any decisions. 

Q. I would like to be able to book some of the therapies without having to have a consultation, is that okay?
A.  Yes, absolutely! You can book therapies without having to go through a consultation. Our modalities are open to anyone interested, and you can easily find available slots on our booking page.

Q. Can I call in to book an appointment and pay when I am served instead of booking and paying online?
A.  Certainly! If you are local to our business, you can call in to book an appointment and pay when you are served. However, we highly recommend using our online booking and payment system. It's safe, secure, and convenient. By booking and paying online, you can also take advantage of our interest-free payment installment plan through Sezzle.

Q. I really need your services. I am afraid I cannot afford them though. Is there a solution?
A.  Absolutely! If you need our services but are unable to afford them upfront, we have a solution for you. Instead of submitting a consultation through the website, simply send us an email expressing your interest in using Medicard. Medicard offers affordable options for health services. We will provide you with a worksheet to complete. Once we receive your completed worksheet, our practitioner will assess the required time and services, including any necessary supplements. Based on this assessment, we will create a quote for you to submit to iFinance. After your application is approved by iFinance, they will work out a payment plan tailored to your finances. iFinance will then directly pay us, so each time you visit us for a wellness session, you can simply walk in and out without any additional transactions required.

Q. With all the different practices of medicine, how do I know which one is legit and not a money grabbing scam?
A: Finding a legitimate and trustworthy practitioner among the various practices of medicine is indeed a valid concern. Here are some ways to identify if a practitioner is genuine:

  1. They will ask you to complete an intake form and review it before your consultation.

  2. They prioritize ordering lab tests before recommending specific supplements.

  3. They do not rely on preconfigured software devices that generalize health conditions based on age groups. Such approaches are viewed as quackery.

  4. They prescribe Nutraceuticals (natural medicine) rather than Infoceuticals (fake medicine).

  5. They are open to collaborating with your medical doctor and encourage it.

  6. They use FDA or HC (Health Canada) approved devices (except for live blood cell analysis).

  7. They have completed a university degree related to their profession.

  8. They are affiliated with a recognized board or professional organization.

  9. They do not make promises of quick results or magical cures.

  10. They respect conventional doctors and medicine, and do not engage in practices beyond their scope of expertise.

By considering these points, you can better assess the credibility and integrity of a practitioner before seeking their services.

Q. My medical Dr thinks all holistic practices are quackery, how do I get them to respect my choices?
A. If your medical doctor has a negative opinion about holistic health practices, it can be challenging to get them to respect your choices. However, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Educate yourself: Gather reliable information about the holistic practices you are interested in. Understand their principles, benefits, and scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness.

  2. Open communication: Have a conversation with your medical doctor about your interest in holistic practices. Explain why you are considering them and how you believe they can contribute to your overall well-being.

  3. Share success stories: Provide examples of individuals who have benefited from integrating holistic practices into their healthcare journey. Stories of improved health outcomes and quality of life can help dispel misconceptions and demonstrate the potential value of holistic approaches.

  4. Offer collaboration: Suggest a collaborative approach where your medical doctor and holistic practitioner work together for your well-being. Emphasize that this integration can enhance your overall care and provide a more comprehensive approach to your health.

  5. Share reports: If you decide to see a holistic practitioner, request that they provide reports or updates to your medical doctor regarding your progress and treatment plans. This can help bridge the gap between conventional and holistic medicine and foster mutual understanding and respect.

Remember, change takes time, and some medical doctors may be more open to collaboration than others. Patience, understanding, and respectful communication can go a long way in gaining their respect for your choices in holistic practices.

Q. What are the benefits I can expect from the therapies Vital Health Reboot offers?
A. The benefits you can expect from the therapies offered by Vital Health Reboot vary depending on your individual needs and the specific therapy recommended by the practitioner. During your consultation, the practitioner will discuss the therapy options with you and explain how each therapy can benefit you. It's important to note that all the therapies we offer are safe, non-invasive, and designed to have minimal to no side effects. In some cases, you may experience temporary fatigue, which is actually a positive sign that your body is undergoing repair. If you do feel tired, it's recommended to take a nap and allow your body to rejuvenate.

Q. How frequently do you care for people with chronic conditions?
A. We care for people with chronic conditions on a regular basis. Many individuals seek our services when they feel something is not right, but their medical doctor hasn't identified any health issues. Others come to us after receiving a diagnosis from their doctor, hoping that we can help reverse their disease or slow down its progression. While some conditions can be reversed or go into remission, others can be effectively managed to improve quality of life. It's worth noting that most conditions can be prevented altogether, so it's beneficial to consult with a holistic health practitioner even if you currently feel fine and have no apparent health concerns.

Q. Will I have to make any changes in my daily lifestyle and activities?
A. Yes, you will likely need to make some changes to your daily lifestyle and activities. However, we strive to make these changes feel seamless and natural for you, so it doesn't feel like a major disruption to your routine.

Q. How much time do you spend examining each patient?
Unlike a brief ten-minute visit with a family physician, we value quality time with our patients. Your initial visit will typically last 60 minutes, and subsequent visits for our wellness plan can range from 30 minutes to one hour. Rest assured, the time spent is dedicated to your care, with minimal waiting time of 0-5 minutes.

Q. What exactly is Holistic Wellness?
A. Holistic Wellness takes a comprehensive approach, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body to achieve balance and enable self-healing. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which follows a classical physics approach, we utilize quantum physics principles. Interestingly, quantum physics was initially developed by Albert Einstein but was later abandoned due to his skepticism about a higher power. However, by adopting a classical physics approach, the focus shifted to treating the body as separate parts rather than interconnected systems. This approach often leads to long-term medication use rather than addressing the root cause. In contrast, Holistic Wellness integrates various medical practices to restore the body's balance, promoting self-healing without relying on drugs or surgery.

Q. How many supplements will I need to take and for how long?
A. The number of supplements you'll need and the duration of their use depends on your specific situation. It's possible that you may not require any supplements or only need them temporarily. It's important to note that both supplements and medications are intended to be temporary solutions. Once the underlying cause is addressed and resolved, supplements or medications are often no longer necessary. However, there are certain vitamins that are beneficial to take consistently since it may be challenging to meet our daily requirements solely through diet. Additionally, as we age, our bodies may produce fewer essential compounds. Your practitioner will guide you on the appropriate supplementation based on your individual needs and provide further guidance during your consultation.

Q. Are you willing to work with my regular doctor?
Of course. Collaboration is important to provide the best care.

Q. Can I be helped virtually?
A. Absolutely! We offer virtual sessions to provide assistance no matter where you are located. While certain therapies may require in-person visits, we have therapists available in various cities throughout Alberta, and we are expanding our services across Canada to meet the growing demand.

Q. Can I apply to be a contract therapist with you?
A. Absolutely! We are currently accepting applications from therapists all across Canada, including the cities of Grande Prairie, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Leduc, Airdrie, Red Deer, Calgary, Okotoks, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, and Medicine Hat. We are specifically seeking registered massage therapists, certified reflexologists, certified acupuncturists (non-needling), health coaches trained in the Quantum Physics Approach, and individuals interested in non-surgical face lifting (training provided).

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