Frequently Asked Questions

Q. With all the different practices of medicine, how do I know which one is legit and not a money grabbing scam?
A: This is a great question and one you deserve an honest answer. There are quite a few Holistic Health Practitioners (and western medical Drs) that actually have reputable scientific training but have gone astray. Unfortunately, the world is run on greed and there seems to be little integrity left. What you want to look out for are practitioners who use devices they claim detect your bioenergetic field then selling you 'infoceuticals' to fix the blockage in your energy pathway. They say the infoceutical has a coding the body reads to be able to allow the energies to pass through. These infoceuticals are really just over priced water with added salt they claim is holding the coding. It is unfortunate that some holistic practitioners have decided to go down this road. This is harmful as it is giving people a false sense of security/hope which stops them from getting the help they actually need. Now conventional medicine professionals, can also take this greedy type road and create some sort of magic pill and sell it knowing full well its not doing anything.  How can you tell if the practitioner you are seeing or plan to see is legit? Look for these signs:

1. They will have you complete an intake form and actually have looked at it and understood it prior to your consultation meeting.
2. They will order lab testing before placing you on certain supplements.
3. They are not going to use software devices that claim to read bioenergetic fields or ones that claim to read everything that is wrong in the body in a matter of a few seconds. These devices have been preconfigured to compute the most common health conditions for certain age groups. They do not actually report what is wrong with your personal body system.
4. They prescribe Neutraceuticals (natural medicine) and NOT Infoceuticals (fake medicine)
5. They are willing and actually suggest collaborating with your medical doctor.
6. They use FDA or HC (Health Canada) approved devices (with the exception of live blood cell analysis)
7. They will have a degree in Holistic Health science at the least and a PhD at the highest. 
8. They will belong to a board
9. They do not promise quick results or magic cures
10. They will not discredit conventional Drs/medicine, and do not provide out of scope practices.

Q. My medical Dr thinks all holistic practices are quackery, how do I get them to respect my choices?
A. Currently, it is more common for a medical doctor to dismiss holistic health practices, but fortunately, there is starting to be an increase in willingness to collaborate. It is best practice for both health professionals to collaborate, as this greatly improves patient care. You can start by explaining that. As well, you can let the practitioner know about your doctor's views. The practitioner can send reports back to your physician, which may help with their willingness to collaborate.

Q. What are the benefits I can expect from the therapies Vital Health Reboot offers?
A. This is a loaded question as there are several modalities we offer, so it would depend on your particular situation and what the practitioner feels you require. Before being placed on a wellness plan, the practitioner will go over the therapy you need and will let you know at that time what that particular therapy will do for you and any possible side effects. Do note that we only offer and use therapies that are safe and non-invasive, that have little to zero side effects. Any side effects you may experience could be fatigue, which is a good sign, and please do take a nap as your body is trying to repair.

Q. How frequently do you care for people with chronic conditions?
A. All the time. Typically people look for us when they know something is not right but their Dr is giving them a clean slate of health.
Others come to see us 'after' their Dr has diagnosed in hopes we can reverse their disease or stop the progression. Some conditions can be reversed, others can go into remission, and some can be controlled/managed so people can live their best life with that condition. Most conditions, however, can be avoided, so seeing a holistic health practitioner is a good idea even if you feel fine and have no health issues.

Q. Will I have to make any changes in my daily lifestyle and activities?
A. Yes. For the most part. But we make it feel like it doesn't.

Q. How much time do you spend examining each patient?
With us, it is not a ten-minute visit like with your family physician. Here, your first visit will typically last 60 minutes. Visits after that for the wellness plan can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. This is actual time with the practitioner, not waiting time. Waiting time is somewhere between 0-5 minutes.

Q. How much time does the treatments take and how often will you review my progess?
A.  A therapy session can take 15 minutes to 90 minutes. We review your progress after one month and again at the end of your wellness plan, which is typically 8–10 sessions. From there, you are placed on a maintenance plan. We will give you suggestions on the best frequencies for your particular maintenance plan.

Q. What exactly is Holistic Wellness?
A. Holistic Wellness looks at the whole body and brings it all into balance, so we look at the physical, mental, supramental, vital, and spiritual body.

Q. How many therapy sessions will I need ?
Usually 8-10. From there, you will be placed on an ongoing maintenance package which (depending on the persons condition) could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly. The practitioner will discuss that with you at the end of your wellness plan. 

Q. How many supplements will I need to take and for how long?
A. This depends You may not require any supplements at all, or you may require some to temporarily help with symptoms. Did you know that supplements and pharmaceuticals are only meant to be temporary? When the root cause has been fixed, all forms of supplements or medications are usually no longer needed. Having said that, there are a few vitamins that should always be taken. That is because it is not always possible to meet our daily requirements without taking a supplement. As well, when we age, our bodies stop producing some essential compounds. But that is something the practitioner will go over with you.

Q. Are you willing to work with my regular doctor?
Of course. Collaboration is important to provide the best care.

Q. Can I be helped virtually?
A. Yes, you sure can.