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Apart from seeking us for your health concerns, people wonder where they can find credible "toxic-free" products for their face, body, and hair, as well as make-up, cleaning products, and quality products they can use to maintain their health.

When it comes to youthful appearances, start from the inside and it will reflect on the outside. To complement that, use creams on your skin that your cells will say, "Hey, I like this!" And your liver says, "Hey, I know what this is." This is the kind of product you want to use.

Creams laden with toxic ingredients are not good for your body. There are enough toxins we come into contact with on a daily basis without smothering ourselves in them too.

One product we were asked about and feel good about supporting is Suzanne Organics .

Suzanne Somers has come together with professionals to make "Certified Toxic Free" products. She also does not make claims that 'this is all you need'. She quite clearly steers people in the direction of Integrative Health Practitioners and Doctors who understand that. She is extremely knowledgeable in the health field due to her own quest for answers on women's health. She knew there had to be a better answer than what she was receiving from western medicine doctors. She has dug deep and created an assortment of amazing products.

Suzanne was also not a fan of any of the products out there for skin and hair, as they were not products the cells loved, nor were they products she found gave the liver an easier life. Being unable to find products she felt were healthy for her, she worked with professionals to create her own.

Suzanne has excellent skin care, make-up, and cleaning products as well as some tasty food products and quality supplements. Her "Gut Renew" product, combined with her pre and pro-biotics, is an excellent place to start. Everything she speaks about in her gut is absolutely true. It is so important to maintain a healthy gut and her Gut Renew product makes that possible when followed as per her directions. This product really helps repair the digestive tract.

Your liver helps in the digestion process of the foods you consume, what goes on your skin, what you breathe and much more. So it is important to use products that do not add work to your already hard-working liver. Your liver works hard, so it needs support by ensuring you put the right things in your body and the right things on your skin.

Aside from the above products, Suzanne also has some excellent health information in the books she has written. If you were to buy just one book from her, we would suggest "A New Way to Age."

You can tune in to watch Suzanne Somers speak about her products via live Facebook and Instagram videos. If you have not already, like her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram.

To learn more about any of her products, click the button below:

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