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What we eat either prevents us from disease, causes disease, or heals us from disease! (It can be too late to heal from certain conditions, but you can still learn how to manage them to slow progression, reducing the risk of complications).

You will find how to best combine your foods, what to eliminate from your diet completely, how to make cooking simple for busy homes, how to make desserts that will not wreak havoc on your system that actually taste "AMAZING" and so much more!!

Alternative Medicine Supplies


Our bodies go through different stressors. These can be from us not eating enough, going through tough times, being frightened, being depressed, being overly excited, etc. During these phases, it is hard for us to eat properly. Even when we do eat properly, we sometimes cannot really consume enough of what we need to meet our bodies' daily requirements.

It is a mission we should always be on to ensure "all" our little cells are receiving what they need so they can do their jobs.

Our bodies have over 57 trillion cells, and they all need to be taken care of.



Exercise prevents the health hazards of a sedentary lifestyle.

Physical exercise in children is more of an unmet goal than ever before. We are seeing a rapid increase in disease in children that is linked to bad diets and very little exercise.

From those who do not have time to exercise to those who have just had a stint, we can guide you. (Do not attempt exercise without proper supervision if you are someone who suffers from a chronic disease or a disability.)

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