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We have made completing our forms a breeze. When you click on "Request Forms" below, you will receive an email with the forms attached. When you receive your email and open the attached form/s, fill them out and click send when done. That is, it!

Once you submit the document/s, and the consultation fees, the practitioner will review your information and have the receptionist call you to book your consultation.

The practitioner will set up a wellness plan which is typically 8-10 sessions. The consultation fees can be paid online through PayPal, debit, visa,  or MasterCard. Fees must be paid before the consultation appointment.

NOTE 1We do accept medicard. If paying by Medicard, let us know. We will provide a quote for your application. The quote will cover the full cost of the wellness plan and will include the consultation fee.
NOTE 2: If you are a member of one of the paid memberships, you can use your voucher as credit toward these fees, or you can save it to use towards lab costs.
NOTE 3: The consultation fee includes the Premium Sensitivity test $99.00.

Consultation Fee $250


Have your quote? Click the image to the right to apply.

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