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Seamless Form Completion Made Easy!

With just a click on "Request Forms" below, you'll instantly receive an email containing the required forms. Simply open the attached forms, fill them out, and hit send. It's that simple!

Once your document/s are submitted along with the consultation fees, our skilled practitioner will thoroughly review your information. Expect a call from our receptionist to schedule your consultation once the practitioner has assesst your forms.

While the practitioner assesses your information, she will craft a personalized roadmap to your well-being. During the consultation, she will let you know the length of the comprehensive wellness plan. Typically the wellness plan works out to 8-10 weeks and details any supplements or testing that may be needed during the plan. Note that the sessions plans are not part of the consultation fee.

Exciting Notes for You:

We happily accept Medicard. Let us know if you choose this option, and we'll provide a quote covering the full wellness plan cost, including the consultation fee.

If you're a member of our paid memberships, you can apply your voucher as credit toward these fees or save it for future lab expenses.

Notably, the consultation fee includes a lab testing kit worth $99.00

Begin your journey to optimal health today by clicking "Request Forms" below. It's time to experience the ease and rewards of our streamlined process!


Consultation Fee $250


Have your quote? Click the image to the right to apply.

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