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Why It Is Important To Keep Our Hands Germ Free

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Germs are everywhere. We cannot stay away from them. There are certainly germs that are less harmful than others, and it is true that catching germs builds a stronger immune system, but it is also true that even the strongest immune system has a challenging time fighting harmful germs. This is extremely hard on our system and can weaken our immune system.

Our immune system is a cool unit. It is like this army that lives in us to keep intruders out. Imagine, if you will, little soldiers running around with their military gear to take out evil invaders that use our cells to clone themselves and take over our bodies. Our army is smart. When it detects a virus, it gets busy preparing to destroy it by making antibodies.

There are viruses that are sneaky. Although our immune system kills off all their clones, the main virus can lie dormant in our body. A good example is the Epstein-Barr Virus (the one that causes mono). When our system becomes weak from not eating right or stress, this virus can activate and cause problems for us. Another example is the virus that causes chicken pox, herpesvirus. It, too, will lay dormant before using cells to replicate itself when we are stressed or our system is weak from not eating properly, resulting in shingles.

Then there are viruses that cause disease right away, like the coronavirus, influenza, and rhinovirus. These viruses do not hide out, they just full bore replicate themselves, leaving us bedridden and sometimes... deceased.

Our immune cells not only kill the viruses and all their clones, but also the cells they infect. All this killing going on inside us can make us quite sick. We may experience high fevers, feel hot then cold, have body aches, vomit, have bad headaches, end up with pneumonia, and the list goes on and on. This is because there is a battlefield in our body where viruses and the immune system go to war. The immune system not only eliminates the virus and all its clones, but it also eliminates the infected cell(s). The severity of our symptoms depends on the number of clones the virus has made. The more clones the virus can make, the stronger and more severe our symptoms will be.

Viruses and pathogens enter our body through our mucous membranes (eyes, ears, mouth, and nose). To reduce this risk, washing our hands is extremely important.

How do we protect ourselves when we are not beside a sink with soap and water to wash our hands?

  1. We could wear gloves to work then take them off when we need to touch our own belongings or ourselves.

  2. We can go out wearing a mask during peak seasons or when there is a pandemic.

  3. We could keep a container of wet hand wipes as well as surface wipes on us and use them every time we leave a store or work.

  4. We can keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in our purse or pocket.

Hand sanitizers, as we know, are an effective way to kill certain germs when we are not able to access a washroom with running water and soap.

We should try and use wipes instead of hand sanitizer, but when in a pinch, hand sanitizer is a savior.

One of the best hand sanitizers is Silver Shield Bio Guard Purifying Hand Cleanser. It is an antiseptic and antibacterial hand cleanser that effectively destroys harmful bacteria. It contains 80% ethyl alcohol with colloidal silver along with essential oil blends. You have triple the fight against germs compared to other sanitizers.

You can find this product here: Silver Shield BioGuard Purifying Hand Cleanser | VITAL HEALTH REBOOT

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