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  • Contains the patented Zembrin® botanical ingredient
  • Helps quickly ease nervousness and promotes feelings of relaxation and calm.
  • Non-drowsy.
  • NSP’s formula contains supporting nutrients not commonly found in other formulas.
  • Offers safe, non-habit-forming relief.


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C$43.31every 4 months for 16 months
  • Zerenity is formulated to help those experiencing acute stress and nervousness to find quick, temporary relaxation and calm. Zerenity is formulated around the patented botanical ingredient known as Zembrin®, or Sceletium tortuosum, a South African herb with more than 300 years of documented indigenous use to support the nervous system and produce feelings of calm and relaxation in healthy people. NSP’s Zerenity formula also contains the amino acid L-theanine, vitamin B1, magnesium,and zinc as supportive ingredients.

  • Ships from manufacturer. You should receive the package in 1-3 business days

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