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Our urine test kit encompasses a comprehensive analysis of 10 key items, including Leukocytes (white blood cells), Nitrites, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Glucose, and more. Each kit consists of user-friendly urine test strips, with 5 strips provided per kit. Additionally, detailed instructions and a helpful guide are included to ensure ease of use. Rest assured that the kit will be promptly shipped to your address within 1-3 business days.

Pet Liver Function

GST/HST Included
  • Discover more about your animal's health and well-being by ordering the Pet Urine Health Test today. This convenient test kit can be used at home or in a clinic and requires a small urine sample on a provided strip (5 strips included). The kit will be shipped directly to your location.

    Upon purchase, the easy-to-use testing kits are promptly mailed out and should arrive within 1-3 business days. The package will contain comprehensive instructions on how to collect the urine sample quickly and without causing any discomfort to your pet.

    Whether your animal is experiencing undiagnosed symptoms or you simply wish to monitor their overall health annually, these kits are ideal. They provide valuable insights into the functioning of your pet's liver, kidneys, and general health.

    Biomarkers tested:

    • Leukocytes: These white blood cells help fight infections, and their presence may indicate a kidney infection.
    • Nitrites: Bacteria causing urinary tract infections (UTIs) convert nitrates into nitrites. A positive result for nitrites suggests a possible UTI.
    • Urobilinogen: This by-product of Bilirubin breakdown typically appears in small amounts. Elevated levels could indicate liver disease.
    • Protein: High protein levels in urine may be indicative of kidney disease.
    • pH: Assesses the acidity or alkalinity of urine.
    • Blood: A severe UTI/Cystitis or other conditions like kidney stones or bladder/kidney cancer can cause blood in the urine.
    • Specific Gravity (S.G.): Higher specific gravity may indicate a UTI, diabetes, dehydration, kidney infection, kidney failure, or heart failure.
    • Ketone: Ketones are produced when the body cannot extract energy from glucose and starts burning body fat. Elevated levels could be due to dieting, prolonged fasting (12-18 hours), or potentially serious conditions like diabetes.
    • Bilirubin: This by-product of red blood cell breakdown should not be present in urine and may indicate liver disease.
    • Glucose: Normally, glucose is not found in urine as the kidneys process and reabsorb it. The presence of glucose may indicate undiagnosed diabetes.

    By examining these biomarkers, you can gain valuable insights into your animal's health and take appropriate measures if necessary.

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