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  • As a traditional herbal medicine expectorant, lobelia promotes the discharge of mucus from the respiratory tract.
  • Helpful for congestion, coughs, breathing difficulties due to mucus in the respiratory tract.

Lobelia Herb Extract

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  • Lobelia is an indigenous North American annual plant that is a garden favourite due to its delicate purple flowers. It has been called Indian tobacco because the American Indians smoked it. Interestingly, lobelia does contain a substance called lobeline which is similar to nicotine. Lobelia has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine as an expectorant for the upper respiratory tract. Lobelia is best known in traditional herbal medicine for its expectorant properties. Expectorants help the body to remove excess mucus from the respiratory tract. Lobelia is thought to accomplish this by relaxing and soothing the respiratory tract to allow for expulsion of mucus.

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