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Traditional Chinese Methods we use:

Acupuncture: Has been used for over 3000 years and when done correctly, it is a safe and effective method for restoring balance and relieving pain. 

We stimulate the acupoints using electrodes which corrects the flow of energy - also called qi or chi. 

Chakra Balancing: Meditation, Yoga, breathwork, crystals and essential oils are all part of balancing the chakras. We focus on mediation, yoga and breathwork.

Traditional Chinese Methods we do not use:

Needling for acupuncture, why? Although the risk of any potential side effect is low, it is still possible. Patients with bleeding disorders or who are on blood thinners, diabetics etc, needles pose a risk. As well, in rare cases, a needle could break which would cause damage to  an internal organ or deep insertion in the chest area could collapse a lung. Of course this is extremely rare but we prefer removing all risks and choosing to use electrodes. Electrodes work faster and they are the safest method for this type of therapy.

Interesting Facts

The World Health Organization endorsed acupuncture for treatment for more than two dozen conditions. See the list of treatable health conditions here

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