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Heart Rate Variability


Biofeedback training teaches individuals how to consciously control their heart rate variability (HRV) in order to reduce stress and anxiety. HRV measurement is used in this process, as it has been demonstrated that a higher HRV is associated with improved health. Conversely, a decrease in HRV can indicate the presence of stress, strain, or illness in the body. Consistently low HRV levels can contribute to various health problems. Therefore, acquiring the ability to consciously regulate HRV is crucial, and we provide the necessary instruction to achieve this skill.

Interesting Fact:

Research has shown that HRV can be influenced by various factors, including our emotions and social interactions. In a fascinating study, scientists discovered that when two individuals engage in a heartfelt conversation or share moments of genuine empathy, their HRV patterns begin to synchronize. This phenomenon, known as "physiological coherence," reflects a deep physiological connection between individuals and suggests that positive social interactions can have a harmonizing effect on our heart rhythms. This intriguing finding highlights the intricate relationship between our emotions, interpersonal connections, and the subtle rhythms of our hearts.

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