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Our specialist uses a long-haired German Shepherd to alleviate or help people cope with symptoms of various conditions. This therapy is excellent for: anxiety, stress, worry and fear; dementia, depression, austism spectrum disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia; it can also help people going through rehabilitation for drug use disorder as well as help people with epilepsy, heart failure, pain from cancer, postoperative recovery and those recovering from stroke or other conditions that cause a person to lose motor skills.

Bailey, a long haired German Shepherd, is fully trained and certified. She is naturally well tempered, absolutely loves kids, enjoys being around people, she is sociable, loves being touched and hugged, and is very gentle.

If you are a: School, Hospital, Psychiatrist, or any other such organization and would like to bring in this service, please contact Veronique by:



Interesting Facts

Florence Nightingale discovered a therapeutic relationship between animals and people back in the 1800s. However, it was not used until the 1980s

Therapy animals are not the same as service animals. Service animals live with the owner and helps the owner with day to day life.

Dogs are the most common therapy animal, horses are second

Sigmund Freud included his Chow Chow in his counseling sessions in the 1930s. 

Long Haired German Shepherds are rare and known as the 'kind' cousin of a German Shepherd. They have milder personalities, are always happy, extremely friendly, affectionate and gorgeous.

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