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  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help alleviate mild cases of fungal infections.
  • A program of herbs, fatty acids and digestive enzymes conveniently packaged.

Candida Clear

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  • Ships from manufacturer. You should receive the package in 1-3 business days

  • Candida Clear helps to balance the microflora of the body by encouraging a healthy environment for friendly probiotics to thrive and harmful microflora such as yeast and fungus to be held in population check. The Candida Clear program consists of two different packets. The Candida Clear Combo cellophane packet contains two YF DTX capsules, two Pau d’Arco capsules and two Caprylic Acid Combination capsules. The Candida Clear Enzyme cellophane packet contains two capsules of our proprietary Candida Cleanse Enzymes blend.

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