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Live Blood Cell Analysis


Live blood analysis provides information about: 

  • nutritional imbalances

  • oxidative stress/anti-oxidant levels

  • mineral imbalances

  • immune weakness

  • adrenal stress

  • hydration levels

  • acidity

  • digestive problems

  • liver stress

  • kidney stress

  • circulatory congestion & poor tissue oxygenation

  • cellular fatigue

  • lymphatic congestion

  • anemia

  • bowel toxicity & inflammation

  • parasite activity

  • chemical & heavy metal toxicity

  • yeast/candida

Before starting your therapy sessions, the practitioner may conduct a live blood analysis to get an immediate look at what is happening in your body if a hair analysis was not performed.

Interesting Fact

Watch the below video to see a white blood cell chase and eat bacteria. 

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